A Change to Our Seed Guarantee

Solanum brevicaule seeds

The major portion of our business is selling clonal crops, in the form of roots and tubers.  Because roots and tubers are perishable and vulnerable to all kinds of problems in packing and shipping, we guarantee them.  You should expect that roots and tubers that you receive will substantially sprout and grow.  After that, it […]

Potato: The Story of Rozette

Tubers of the Cultivariable Original potato (Solanum tuberosum) variety 'Rozette'

I was recently interviewed for the Free the Seed podcast, where we discussed the selection of our new potato variety Rozette.  This blog post is a companion to that podcast. The Pacific Northwest has a few heirloom potatoes that precede large scale settlement of the area by Europeans.  The most famous of these potatoes is […]