Solanum chiquidenum


Solanum chiquidenum distribution map
Solanum chiquidenum distribution map

Solanum chiquidenum (chiquidenum meaning from Chiquiden, Peru) is a highland Peruvian species. Plants reach nearly three feet tall. Tubers small, white, and moniliform (like beads on a string). White flowers. Native habitat is slopes and fields at 4,900 to 12,500 feet (1500 to 3800 m) (Correll 1962).


Li (1977) found that this species is frost resistant to 27 degrees F (-3.0 degrees C).

Condition Type Level of Resistance Source
Late Blight Fungus Resistant Ochoa 1954
Late Blight Fungus Not resistant Gonzales 2002
Potato Tuber Moth Invertebrate Resistant Horgan 2013

Glykoalkaloid content

No information.


Aerial plant of the wild potato species Solanum chiquidenum
Solanum chiquidenum plant


This species is available only as in-vitro plantlets, so I have not yet been able to grow it from seed.

Accessions Evaluated

The following accessions were examined to prepare this profile.  I have evaluated 1/2 accessions currently available from the US potato genebank.

PI 365322

Collected in Peru before 1971.  This is an in vitro accession, but happily it is distributed with multiple genotypes, so there is a possibility of producing seed.

PI 473459

I attempted to grow this accession, but the plantlets died of contamination before they could root.  I will probably make a second try in the future.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Germ Ploidy Source
S. tuberosum 2x Sli S. chiquidenum Yes Moderate     Ordoñez 2014

Crosses with other species

Jackson (1999) found 0-24% 2n pollen in varieties of this species.

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Germ Ploidy Source


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