This page is a draft, part of our ongoing wild potato project. I’ll probably be adding information to the species pages through 2020 at least, but I’m making them public since they may be useful even incomplete.

Solanum neocardenasii

Common Name(s): Papa de zorro


Series: Tuberosa

EBN: Unknown (Probably 1EBN)

Ploidy: Diploid

Segregation: Disomic

Self-compatible: No

Cytoplasm Type:


A dryland species from eastern Bolivia.  Plants roughly six inches to a foot tall.  Stolons about a foot long.  Tubers small, less than an inch, round to ovoid.  Flowers white.  Berries round, about half an inch in diameter.

S. neocardenasii and its close relative S. stipuloideum appear to be the closest South American relatives to the North American wild potato species (Spooner 2018).

This species has both type A and B glandular trichomes which provide resistance to aphids by entrapment, similar to S. berthaultii (Lapointe 1986).

Condition Level of Resistance Source
Potato Virus Y Resistant Horvath 1989
Alfalfa Mosaic Virus Resistant Horvath 1989
Aphids Resistant Lapointe 1986
Colorado Potato Beetle Resistant Dimock 1986

Glykoalkaloid content



Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source
S. tuberosum S. neocardenasii Low None     Jackson 1999
S. neocardenasii S. tuberosum None None     Jackson 1999

Crosses with other species

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source



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