Common Checkout Problems

Today, we have many different operating systems and web browsers.  You might be shopping from a computer, a tablet, or a phone.  The downside to all of this flexibility is that there are more possible combinations than we can easily test.

Empty Shopping Cart

Probably the most common problem that people encounter is an empty shopping cart.  This usually results from having cookies disabled in your web browser.  We have an error message that pops up if you have cookies totally disabled, but it is possible that you have restricted them without disabling them completely, in which case you may end up with an empty cart and no error message.  You definitely need to have cookies enabled to use this site.  You can either change the necessary settings in your web browser or use an alternate web browser in its default configuration to place an order.

No Shipping Options Available

You will usually get this error because you are attempting to place an order for roots or tubers with a shipping address outside the USA.  I only ship seeds outside the USA.  If you are getting this error when trying to ship to an address in the USA, double check that you didn’t accidentally select “US Minor Outlying Islands.”  Otherwise, this is an error.  Please send us an email at and we’ll get it sorted out.

Incompatible SSL Certificate

If you are using a really old operating system, like Windows XP, there is a good chance that the SSL certificates included in your web browser are no longer compatible with ours.  You can probably get around that by installing a modern version of Firefox or Chrome.

Order by Email

If all else fails, email us at  If you send a list of the items that you want to order, we can enter it manually and send you a total.