Cultivariable Closed for 2017

This has been updated.

I’m sorry to report that we have decided not to open Cultivariable for sales in 2017. We’re not going out of business and will definitely be open again in 2018. Breeding work continues and I will keep writing and reporting on what we learn.  We are currently planning to open for seed sales only beginning in January 2018 and then briefly for root and tuber sales around April.  We will probably only be open for root and tuber sales for a month and our offerings will be more limited than usual.

There are numerous reasons for the closure. The bad weather and flooding that we experienced from fall through spring made life really difficult and delayed planting of some crops to the point where they will not yield well this year. I am reworking what has been our main growing plot so that we won’t be vulnerable to this kind of problem in the future. At the same time, we have broken ground on a new, larger plot that requires a lot of work to be farmable. Because we must wait until after harvest for a lot of this work, I will be very busy during the winter. I’ve felt increasingly that I have backed myself into a corner where I can’t do a good job taking care of customers along with everything else.  There are tons of other lesser problems that have piled up and just need time and attention to resolve.  In some ways, we’re victims of our success. I didn’t expect to grow this much this soon and we’re doing everything in a very labor intensive fashion that leaves little time to solve the problems that we have. The good news is that we know how to solve our problems and make things much more efficient. It is just going to require a major investment of time between now and the next growing season to get there.

All existing pre-orders will be filled, assuming that we have the product to do so, but we won’t take any more orders this year.  We will also offer items in the Early Access Program as usual since so many people have paid for their subscriptions already.

The given dates could change.  If our winter work goes smoothly, we might open sooner.  If it goes poorly, we might not open at all and just skip spring 2018 sales completely.  I doubt that will happen, but the uncertainty is why we’re not taking any more pre-orders.

I know that this will be disappointing to many of you. I feel confident that it is the right decision and will enable us to continue supplying cool new stuff for years to come.  It will probably also help to preserve what remains of my hair.

Thanks for your understanding.

Bill Whitson

Cultivariable will not open for sales in 2017. We will be back in 2018. For more information, read the notice at the top of our home page. Dismiss