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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 234011PI 234011 “Pitu Huayacka”

Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigenum 2x

PI 234011 at Genesys

Accession Details

A stenotomum type diploid collected in Bolivia before 1956.  GRIN notes resistance to early blight, Fusarium, Verticillium, frost.  A type cytoplasm (Hosaka 1988).  Kozukue (2008) found a very high TGA level of 74.6 mg/100g for cortex material from this accession.


TPS.  Tubers elongate, elliptic, falcate, round to compressed.  Whites, yellows, and reds with white or light yellow flesh, some with a little bit of red.  Moderately deep eyes.  Some tubers sprouting at harvest.  Short to long stolons.  Stolon mats.  Mostly long day.  Heavy flowering and seed set.


La Barre (1947) gives a description for the landrace of this name: pitu wayaqha, “flour bag”. Swett, highly farinaceous, reddish skin, superficial eyes, irregular oblong shape. Resists frost poorly; grown at 3,200 meters in the region of Ilabaya, which is hilly and temperate, and with a relatively rich soil. (Red skin, very starchy, with pulp.)