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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 225675PI 225675 “Chaucha Chula Negra”

Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigenum 2x

PI 225675 at Genesys

Accession Details

A Colombian phureja-type diploid potato, originally collected in Pasto in 1948.  GRIN notes resistance to late blight and PVX.


TPS.  Mostly compressed, round, a few ovoid to elliptic. Mostly bicolors, red and yellow or blue and yellow. Some red, blue, yellow, and white solids. Some with deep eyes. Mostly light yellow flesh, sometimes with contrasting vascular ring. Small tubers, very few over two inches. Large plants. Mostly late season. Many apparently short day tuberizers. Many with round, more tetraploid-like berries. Low dormancy. Mid to long stolons. Foliage untouched by early or late blight.


A reliable producer of both red and blue bicolors, but strongly short day, so it is best used in crosses with varieties that tuberize earlier.

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