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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 458393PI 458393

Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigenum 2x

PI 458393 at Genesys

Accession Details

A goniocalyx type diploid collected in Bolivia in 1971.  S type cpDNA (Hosaka 1988).


TPS. Normal germinator, 7+ days.  Fair germination. Poor seedling vigor.  Elongate.  Yellows, whites, and a few reds and blues.  Some stippled.  White or light yellow flesh. Shallow to medium eyes.  All short day.  Short to mid stolons.  Moderate flowering and seed set.


This is the second attempt with this accession with only one slightly long day tuberizer.  I’d like to make one more attempt, particularly since the one tuberizer has some interesting traits.  Much better results on the second try.  Since these plants are not very vigorous, keeping them in the pots longer before transplanting out seemed to help a lot.  Some of these would probably be pretty impressive if grown to full maturity under short days.

Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 458393    

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