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Solanum clarum

Common Name(s)  
Code clr
Clade 1
Series Bulbocastana
Ploidy Diploid (2x)
EBN Unknown (Probably 1EBN)
Self-compatible No
Cytoplasm Type  


Solanum clarum distribution Map note

Solanum clarum (clarum probably means “clear” or “bright” but the context isn’t obvious) is a species primarily of northwest Guatemala, where it forms dense colonies in pine and fir forests, reaching slightly into Mexico.  Plants roughly one half to one foot tall.  Leaves are simple, unusual for a potato. 

Vega (1995) found that this species is less frost tolerant than domesticated potato.

Condition Level of Resistance Source
 Bacterial Wilt Somewhat resistant  Machida-Hirano 2015
 Colorado Potato Beetle  Somewhat resistant  Machida-Hirano 2015
 Aphids  Somewhat resistant  Machida-Hirano 2015
 Potato Cyst Nematode  Somewhat resistant  Machida-Hirano 2015

Glykoalkaloid content




I have found seeds of this species fairly easy to germinate using the standard conditions for S. tuberosum.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source

Crosses with other species

Watanabe (1991) found no varieties of this species that produced 2n pollen.

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source



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