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Solanum hougasii

Common Name(s)  
Code hou
Synonyms S. spectabile, S. verrucosum var. spectabile
Series Iopetala
Ploidy Hexaploid (6x)
Self-compatible Unknown (probably yes)
Cytoplasm Type D (Hosaka 2014)


Solanum hougasii (hougasii, in honor of American botanist Robert W. Hougas) is a species of limited distribution in southwest Mexico.  Plants reach a little over two feet tall.  White flowers.  Round berries.

This species can survive frosts down to 26 degrees F (-3.5 C) (Li 1977).  Vega (1995) found that this species is less frost tolerant than domesticated potato.

Condition Level of Resistance Source

Glykoalkaloid content




I have found seeds of this species easy to germinate using the standard conditions for S. tuberosum.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source
S. tuberosum S. hougasii None None     Jackson (1999)
S. hougasii S. tuberosum Low Low     Jackson (1999)

Crosses with other species

Watanabe (1991) found that 37.5% of varieties of this species produced 2n pollen and Jackson (1999) found 3-13%.

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source

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