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Solanum limbaniense

Common Name(s) 
Solanum limbaniense plant
Solanum limbaniense plant
PloidyDiploid (2x)
Cytoplasm Type 
Ochoa: Bol. Soc. Peruana Bot. 7(1-2): 15. 1974.


Solanum limbaniense distribution map
Solanum limbaniense distribution map

Solanum limbaniense (limbaniense for the Limbani region of the Sandia province of Peru) is a species with a small distribution in southern Peru, very near to the Bolivian border.  Plants typically about a foot tall.  Tubers small and white, reaching a little more than an inch in diameter.  Flowers light to dark purple.  Berries long and conical.

This species grows up to very high elevations in the Puna, ranging from 9,500 to 12,300 feet (2900 to 3750 m) (Ochoa 2004).

ConditionTypeLevel of ResistanceSource

Glykoalkaloid content


Solanum limbaniense plant
Solanum limbaniense plant
Solanum limbaniense flower
Solanum limbaniense flower
Solanum limbaniense flower
Solanum limbaniense flower
Solanum limbaniense flower
Solanum limbaniense flower
Berries of the wild potato species Solanum limbaniense
Solanum limbaniense berries


I have found seeds of this species easy to germinate using the standard conditions for S. tuberosumBamberg (2018) found that alternating temperatures increased germination in this species.

Every flower on every plant formed a berry in 2018.  This species should probably be evaluated for self-compatibility.

Tubers have minimal dormancy, which led Ochoa (2004) to speculate that this species might have been involved in the evolution of S. phureja, but it doesn’t appear that subsequent genetic studies have borne that out.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetPloidyGermSource
S. limbanienseS. tuberosum 4x
NoneNone  Jackson (1999)
S. limbanienseS. tuberosum 2x (as S. goniocalyx, S. phureja, and S. stenotomum)HighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. tuberosum 2x (as S. goniocalyx, S. phureja, and S. stenotomum)S. limbanienseHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. tuberosum 4xHighNone  Ochoa 2004

Crosses with other species

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetPloidyGermSource
S. brevicaule (as S. leptophyes)S. limbanienseHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. candolleanumS. limbanienseModerateHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. chomatophilumS. limbanienseModerateModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. immiteS. limbanienseHighNone  Ochoa 2004
S. laxissimumS. lignicauleModerateModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. lignicauleS. limbanienseNoneNone  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. stipuloideum (as S. circaefolium)HighModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. lignicauleHighNone  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. dolichocremastrumModerateNone  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. humectophilumHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. immiteHighNone  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. chomatophilumHighVery Low  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. laxissimumHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. rhomboideilanceolatumHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. violaceimarmoratumHighModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. bolivienseModerateHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. raphanifoliumModerateModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. candolleanumModerateHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. brevicaule (as S. leptophyes)ModerateModerate  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. medians 2xModerateLow  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. multiinterruptumModerateNone  Ochoa 2004
S. limbanienseS. chacoense (as S. yungasense)HighLow  Ochoa 2004
S. multiinterruptumS. limbanienseLowNone  Ochoa 2004
S. raphanifoliumS. limbanienseLowLow  Ochoa 2004
S. rhomboideilanceolatumS. limbanienseHighHigh  Ochoa 2004
S. stipuloideum (as S. circaefolium)S. limbanienseHighNone  Ochoa 2004
S. violaceimarmoratumS. limbanienseHighHigh  Ochoa 2004


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