Solanum lobbianum


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Solanum lobbianum is a species of very small distribution in Ecuador and possibly Colombia.  Tubers small and whitish.

The specific epithet, lobbianum, honors William Lobb, a British plant collector who first collected the species.  While there is no completely standardized pronunciation for scientific names, the most common way to pronounce this species is probably so-LAY-num lohb-bee-AN-um.

Hawkes (1992) discussed the uncertain history of this species.  It was first collected in 1843 and the species was described from that collection by Bitter in 1913.  It was thought to have been collected in Colombia, but it was not found there in subsequent expeditions over the next nearly 150 years.  In 1991, Spooner, Castillo, and Lopez rediscovered the species in Ecuador.  The most likely explanation is that the original collection was made in Ecuador.


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Glykoalkaloid content



I have found seeds of this species difficult to germinate.  They might require conditions different than the standard for S. tuberosum.  The seeds that I started with were old and had a low stated germination percent.

Accessions Evaluated

The following accessions were examined to prepare this profile.  I have evaluated 1/1 accessions currently available from the US potato genebank.

PI 567842

Unfortunately, I got no germination from this accession and it is no longer available.


Crosses with S. tuberosum


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Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source


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