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Solanum paucissectum


Solanum paucissectum (paucissectum means “poorly dissected,” referring to the leaflets) is a wild potato from Peru.  Plants are usually low-lying, sometimes as much as two feet tall.  Flowers white to light blue.  Berries small and ovoid. 

Jarvis (2008) predicts that this species will lose 95% of its present range by 2055 due to climate change, most likely entailing a critical loss of genetic diversity.


Vega (1995) found that this species is much more frost tolerant than domesticated potato.

Condition Type Level of Resistance Source
Alfalfa Mosaic Virus (AMV)   Resistant Horvath 1989 
Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Colorado Potato Beetle)   Resistant Pelletier (2007)
Potato Virus X (PVX)   Resistant Horvath 1989 
Tobacco Rattle Virus (TRV)   Resistant Horvath 1989

Glykoalkaloid content





Crosses with S. tuberosum


Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source
S. tuberosum S. paucissectum None None     Jackson (1999)
S. paucissectum S. tuberosum None None     Jackson (1999)

Crosses with other species

Jackson (1999) found 6% 2n pollen for varieties of this species.

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source


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