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Common Name(s) Papa de Gentil
Code blg
Clade 3
Series Piurana
Ploidy Diploid (2x)
Cytoplasm Type W (Hosaka 2014)


Solanum blanco-galdosii distribution Map note

S. x blanco-galdosii (blanco-galdosii, in honor of Peruvian agronomist Oscar Blanco Galdos) is a hybrid species, thought to be a cross of S. chomatophilum x S. peloquinianum and has been experimentally recreated by the International Potato Center (Ochoa 2004).  There may be a little more complexity to the background of this species.  Ames (2010) found that S. x blanco-galdosii grouped genetically with S. jalcae in addition to the previously recognized parent varieties.  This is part of a small group of very interesting dryland species from Peru that have long, thin leaves and a sparse growing habit.

This hybrid might be a useful source of drought resistance genes if it could be crossed to domesticated potatoes.  One of its parents, S. peloquinianum, grows under some of the driest conditions of any wild potato.  Vega (1995) found that this species is less frost tolerant than domesticated potato.

Condition Level of Resistance Source
 Potato Leaf Roll Virus High Ochoa 2004

Glykoalkaloid content




I have found seeds of this species difficult to germinate.  They might require conditions different from the standard for S. tuberosum.

This hybrid is found at medium elevations in Peru, generally in cool, dry valleys.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source
S. blanco-galdosii S. tuberosum None None     Jackson (1999)

Crosses with other species

Female Male Berry Set Seed Set Germination Ploidy Source



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