Solanum x michoacanum


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Solanum x michoacanum is a natural hybrid species thought to be a cross of S. bulbocastanum and S. pinnatisectum. Plants reach about a foot tall.  White flowers.  Round berries.

The specific epithet, michoacanum, refers to Michoacan, Mexico.  While there is no completely standardized pronunciation for scientific names, the most common way to pronounce this species is probably so-LAY-num cross mih-choh-ah-KAH-num.

Jarvis (2008) predicts that this species will become extinct in the wild by 2055 due to climate change.


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Glykoalkaloid content


Tubers of the wild potato species Solanum x michoacanum
Solanum x michoacanum tubers



EBN has not been reported for this species, but I am assuming that it must be 1EBN.  Both parents are diploid and 1EBN and this hybrid species is diploid, so it would be very surprising if it is not also 1EBN.

Crosses with S. tuberosum

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Crosses with other species

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