Solanum x sambucinum


blankSolanum x sambucinum is a nothospecies (a naturally occurring hybrid) from Michoacan, Mexico. Thought to be a cross of S. ehrenbergii and S. pinnatisectum. Plants roughly one to two feet tall. White flowers. Round berries.

Jarvis (2008) predicts that this species will lose 95% of its present range by 2055 due to climate change, most likely entailing a critical loss of genetic diversity.

Hale (2008) found that S. x sambucinum had high antioxidant activity.


Condition Level of Resistance Source

Glykoalkaloid content


Aerial plant of the wild potato species Solanum x sambucinum
Solanum x sambucinum plant


Accessions Evaluated

The following accessions were examined to prepare this profile.  I have evaluated 1/1 accessions currently available from the US potato genebank.

PI 595478

Collected in Querétaro Mexico in 1993.  This is the only accession currently held by the US potato genebank, so there is no possibility of seed production, although it does seem to cross pretty easily with other 1EBN diploids.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Ploidy Germ Source

Crosses with other species

Matsubayashi (1977) examined chromosome pairing in hybrids and determined that S. x sambucinum and S. jamesii were highly compatible and likely closely related.

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Ploidy Germ Source
S. x sambucinum S. bulbocastanum Yes Yes 2x   Matsubayashi 1977
S. x sambucinum S. jamesii Yes Yes 2x   Matsubayashi 1977


Solanum x sambucinum at Solanaceae Source

Solanum x sambucinum at GRIN Taxonomy