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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 234009PI 234009 “Koyu-Siki-Canastilla

Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigenum 4x

PI 234009 at Genesys

Accession Details

An unidentified tetraploid potato species collected in Bolivia before 1956, originally listed as S. stenotomum.  Probably a wild species or wild cross.  According to a DNA barcoding study, it is most likely tetraploid S. brevicaule.  According to Hosaka (1988), it has C type cytoplasm.


TPS.  Moderate germination.  Tubers mostly round to compressed, a few ovate.  Moderately deep eyes.  Yellows, whites, and pinks with white flesh.  Many with high yield and high tuber count.  All long day.  Stolons short to long, but most in between.  White flowers.  Low to moderate flowering and seed set.  Tubers not bitter, floury texture and pleasant flavor.


Given that this grouped with S. brevicaule, but has an abundance of domesticated traits, it seems likely that this is a hybrid.