Potato Products and Sizes


Plantlets are small plants from tissue culture.  They are delivered in polypropylene tubes or bags, rooted in agar gel.  There is a six week lead time, which how long it takes to establish the cultures and grow them to fill out the tubes.  I can produce and ship plantlets at any time of year, although they are vulnerable to freezing like any live plant.  Plantlets are shipped separately from other items you order and must be shipped in a rigid package, which is part of the expense.

The major advantage of plantlets is that they are established in the lab from a disease free source and are therefore as clean a product as I can produce.  They also allow me to continuously offer varieties even when I am not growing them in the field.  Disadvantages include the expense and the fact that it takes extra work and care on your part to transplant them to pots and get them established before planting them out.  Beginning in 2021, I only offer potato varieties as plantlets because I consider the risk of transmitting diseases on tubers to be unacceptably high.


True potato seeds were collected from the parent variety.  They may be self-pollinated, cross-pollinated, or a mix of both.  Potato seeds never grow true.  Each seedling is unique, although each will have many traits in common with the parent.  With most varieties, there is a picture in the product gallery that shows an example of tubers grown from the seeds.