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Yellow Maca seeds (100 seeds)


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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is one of the lesser known Andean root crops.  It produces a root (actually a thickened hypocotyl) that tastes like a sweet and very spicy radish.  It is a bit intense on its own, but I like it added to all kinds of things – particularly soups and stews and grated into salads.  It can be sown early as an annual or late as a biennial.  I’ve been working on selecting for shorter growing season and better root size for five years now.  Progress is slow, although there has been some improvement.  You are not likely to get a large crop from this seed at this point, although you probably will get a better crop that you would from native Andean or Chinese maca seed.  This is more for the experimenter or breeder who wants to do some work with this plant.  Hopefully in a few more years we will have a line of seeds with a more consistent root size.

No seed dormancy and seed life is about 2 years.  Germination should be about 80% or a little better.

Approximately 100 seeds.

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