If you are an independent or hobbyist plant breeder who works with the crops that we sell, we might be interested in offering your varieties in the catalog.  We offer two rates: 10% and 15% of net.  10% is the standard rate.  The 15% rate is only available for varieties that are listed as open source by the Open Source Seed Initiative.  I also offer a separate 5% rate for people who make a selection from one of our participatory breeding projects.

For example, on an $8.50 packet of tubers, we have costs of just about $3.  You would receive 55 cents or, if the variety is OSSI listed, 82 cents.

If you want to submit a variety, contact us by email.  We will ask you to send enough planting material so that we can do a one year evaluation and we will decide whether or not to offer the variety after that.  If we decide to sell the variety, you will be credited as the breeder in the catalog.  Royalties are paid on January 1st and July 1st each year.  There is no guarantee that we will continue to offer the variety for any period of time, but we will pay the royalty for as long as we sell it, for the lifetime of the breeder or the company, whichever comes first.  This is a non-exclusive arrangement; you can sell your varieties through other vendors as well.