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Solanum buesii

Common Name(s) Atoc papa, Machu papa, Papa del monte (Ochoa 2004), Jaracca (Correll 1962) A black and white photo of a tray of Solanum brevicaule tubers. They are about 1 to 2 inches long, oval, and similar in form to baking potatoes.
Code bue
Clade 4
Series Conicibaccata
Ploidy Diploid (2x)
Tuberization Photoperiod Unknown
Self-compatible No
Cytoplasm Type  
Vargas: Revista Argent. Agron. 10:396. 1943


Solanum buesii distribution map Map copyright Google
Solanum buesii distribution map

Solanum buesii (buesii in honor of Peruvian botanist C. Bues) is found in the Ceja de Montana of Peru, at 7,900 to 11,800 feet (2400 to 3600 m), a region characterized by relatively warm and humid temperatures.

Tall plants, reaching 2-3 feet and occasionally much taller.  Leaves are narrow.  Flowers blue.  Fruits long and narrow.  Tubers small and whitish.


Condition Type Level of Resistance Source

Glykoalkaloid content

No information.




I have found seeds of this species slow and difficult to germinate.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Germ Ploidy Source
S. buesii S. tuberosum 2x  High High     Ochoa (2004)

Crosses with other species

Female Male Berry Set
Seed Set Germ Ploidy Source
S. buesii S. candolleanum (as S. bukasovii)  High Low     Ochoa (2004)
S. buesii S. laxissimum  High High     Ochoa (2004)


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Solanum buesii at CIP

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