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Solanum bulbocastanum

Common Name(s) 
Solanum bulbocastanum plant
Solanum bulbocastanum plant
SynonymsS. symphisicaulis
PloidyDiploid (2x), Triploid (3x)
Tuberization PhotoperiodUnknown
Self-compatibleNo (Whalen 1981)
Cytoplasm TypeW (Hosaka 2014)
Dunal: J. L. M. Poiret, Encycl. suppl. 3:749. 1814


Solanum bulbocastanum distribution map
Solanum bulbocastanum distribution map

Solanum bulbocastanum (bulbocastanum presumably means something like “chestnut tuber”) is a widespread species ranging from northern Mexico south to Guatemala and Honduras, growing under both dryland and woodland conditions.  Plants reach about three feet tall.  Simple leaves.  Flowers white to light yellow.  Round berries.


This species can survive frosts down to 27 degrees F (-3 C) (Li 1977).  Vega (1995) found that this species is less frost tolerant than domesticated potato.  It has the greatest resistance to potato virus Y among wild potatoes (Chung 2011).

ConditionTypeLevel of ResistanceSource
AphidsInvertebrateResistantMachida-Hirano 2015
AphidsInvertebrateNot resistantAlvarez 2006
Bacterial WiltBacteriumSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Columbia root knot nematodeInvertebrateResistantBrown 1989
DroughtAbioticSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Early BlightFungusResistantPrasad 1980
HeatAbioticSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Late BlightFungusResistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Potato Cyst NematodeInvertebrateSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Potato Virus YVirusSomewhat resistantChung 2011
Root Knot NematodeInvertebrateSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
Soft Rot / BlacklegBacteriumSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015
WartFungusSomewhat resistantMachida-Hirano 2015

Glykoalkaloid content

No information.


Solanum bulbocastanum plant
Solanum bulbocastanum plant
Solanum bulbocastanum plant
Solanum bulbocastanum plant
Solanum bulbocastanum flowers
Solanum bulbocastanum flowers
Berries of the wild potato species Solanum bulbocastanum
Solanum bulbocastanum berries


I have found seeds of this species easy to germinate using the standard conditions for S. tuberosum.

Bamberg (2018) found that alternating temperatures decreased germination in this species.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetGermPloidySource
S. bulbocastanumS. tuberosum 4xNoneNone  Jackson (1999)
S. tuberosum 4xS.bulbocastanumNoneNone  Jackson (1999)

Crosses with other species

Watanabe (1991) found that 5.9% of varieties of this species produced 2n pollen and Jackson (1999) found 2-4%, which would be effectively tetraploid and 2EBN.  S. bulbocastanum x S. cardiophyllum hybrids produced 2n pollen in 9.1% of plants.

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetGermPloidySource


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