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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 245321PI 245321 “Cazuela”

Solanum tuberosum subsp. andigenum 4x

PI 245321 at Genesys

Accession Details

A chilotanum type tetraploid collected in Chanco, Chile in 1958.  GRIN notes that it is heat tolerant.


TPS.  Poor survival.  Ovate to oblong.  White with white flesh.  Some with blue eyes.  Mid to long stolons.  Mid to late season.  All long day.


Listed as an andigena type potato in GRIN, but it appears to have been collected along with PI 245320, which was misidentified.  Based on the location where it was collected, it is much more likely that it is chilotanum/tuberosum.

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