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Tubers of the USDA potato accession PI 599279PI 599279 “Laram Ajawiri”

Unknown 2x

PI 599279 at Genesys

Accession Details

Purports to be S. ajanhuiri collected in Vilaque Bolivia before 1996, but this is incorrect.  CIP public domain MTA.


Clone.  Least frost hardy in our trial of S. ajanhuiri, S. juzepczukii, and S. curtilobum; it took damage at 32 F while all other plants were untouched.  Many domesticated potatoes had greater frost resistance.  These plants look quite different than other S. ajanhuiri accessions, with large, broad leaves, more similar to a tetraploid potato.  This was also the only one of the frost resistant species accessions that did not flower here the first year.  Not bitter.  Floury texture.  Day neutral tuberization.  Flowered and set a few berries with hand pollination in the second year, although most flowers dropped.


This accession is misidentified.  It is not S. ajanhuiri.  It seems more likely to be a haploid tuberosum accession.

Potato tubers of USDA PI 599279
Flower of the potato (Solanum ajanhuiri) variety Laram Ajawiri
Laram Ajawiri potato flower
Berries of the Solanum ajanhuiri variety'Laram Ajawiri'
Laram Ajawiri berries

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