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Dahlia, Breeding Mix (50 seeds) (2018 PRE-ORDER)


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These seeds are collected from dahlias in our edible collection, including both standard varieties and our breeding lines.  Because they are collected from dahlias with good edible qualities, it is likely that they will produce some new dahlias with such qualities.  I’m not yet sure what the odds are.  I have been keeping roughly 1 in 30 plants grown from seed, so if your taste is similar to mine, you might get a couple of good edibles from a packet of seed.  Dahlias are polyploid and don’t breed true, so every seedling is a unique variety and the only way to know if you have a good one is to taste it.  The flowers will typically be fairly simple.  If your main goal is to grow new dahlias for their flowers, this is not the mix for you.

None of our dahlias are grown on a spacing that precludes cross pollination between species.  They aren’t right next to each other, so they will be reasonably pure, but there is always the possibility that you will get some seedlings that are inter-species crosses.  To my way of thinking, that only adds extra value, but if you have a need for absolute purity in your seeds, these might not what you are looking for.

50 seeds per packet

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