I’ll try to keep this as quick and simple as possible.  What follows is not boilerplate legalese and you should actually read it.  Novel, I know!

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Growing Instructions

I offer a huge amount of growing information for the plants that we offer.  You really should read it!  I get lots of questions about planting and those are almost always already answered in our growing guides.  You might not have seen it if you are using the site on a phone or tablet.  Look here: https://www.cultivariable.com/instructions/

If you have a Facebook account, you should also check out our group.  You can meet many other customers, some with a lot of experience, and get help from the community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cultivariable/

(I know that everybody is not on Facebook.  I held out for a long time, but the group really is a great resource.)


I accept payments via PayPal, credit card, check/money order, and Bitcoin.  You are billed when you place the order, not when I ship the product.

If I haven’t deposited your check within 30 days, then I probably haven’t received it and you should contact me to sort it out.  You should keep your receipt if you send a money order!  More than half of the people who place an order to be paid with check or money order never send payment.  I used to contact all of those people but heard back so rarely that now I just cancel out orders at the end of the season if the money hasn’t arrived.  If you fall into the tiny group of people who actually sent a payment that we didn’t receive, then you will need the receipt to cancel your money order.  Checks can be canceled more easily, so I prefer checks, particularly since your order is probably not going to ship immediately anyway.

Shipping Time

Shipping time is often long, particularly if you place a pre-order.  You should expect orders that include live roots and tubers to arrive by April 1st.  If it is not yet April 1st, your order isn’t late yet.  You should really read our shipping and pre-order pages.  Long shipping times are not unusual for mail order nurseries, but people tend to think of this as more of a seed business, so sometimes that causes confusion.  Live roots and tubers are considerably more difficult and time consuming to harvest, clean, store, package, and ship than seeds.  They are perishable, which limits the amount that we can prepackage and also restricts the time of year that we can ship them without risking damage.


Communication is often slow.  During the peak shipping season, it is very slow.  Again, this is mostly a one man operation and I am often splitting my time between actually being out in the field growing and working in the office.  I know that this can be frustrating when you really want a quick answer.

If you send a rude and insulting email, I will cancel your order and refund you.  If it is really memorable, I will black list you and refuse future orders.  I work long hours at this job and make less than minimum wage, so my tolerance for uncivil communication is low.  That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be honestly critical.  Just try to be polite.  It really bums me out when I get nasty emails.


I guarantee that I will send what you ordered and that what I send you will arrive in viable condition, with certain exceptions for breeding seeds.  If it doesn’t, I will refund you.  I offer many rare items that have very low germination rates and that require specific growing conditions, so I do hope that you will be reasonable about requesting refunds for such items.  Some of the seeds that I offer are like lottery tickets – you only have a chance of getting an occasional seedling.

Disputes and Chargebacks

I get a few of these every year and always before the April 1st deadline that I set to either send your order or contact you.  If it is after April 1st, I have your money, and I haven’t responded to you, by all means, go ahead and start a dispute or a chargeback.  If you think that you will do this before April 1st, then please just don’t order from us.  Customers who open disputes without first contacting me by email to request a refund go on a blacklist.


I now ask at checkout if you would prefer substitution or refund in the event that we can’t fulfill an item.  If you don’t answer the question, then I default to refund.