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Mashua Flowering Schedule

Most mashua varieties flower in the fall, but a few are earlier.  If you are growing mashua primarily as an edible, the timing of flowering doesn’t really matter. If you are growing it as an ornamental or intend to do breeding, then it can make a difference. This chart is based on observations at about the 47th parallel. Because mashua flowering is affected by photoperiod, results may be different in other regions. Flowering is also reduced by stress, so you may see little to no flowering in hot or dry weather.  There is little difference in flower color between varieties; all have red spurs and most have orange petals, but there are also varieties with yellow and red petals. 

Variety Flower Color
Typical Onset Earliest Onset Reliability Amount of Flowering
Ken Aslet Red/Yellow July-August 06 (Jun) 28* High Heavy
Hahamish Red/Orange August-September 08 (Aug) 2 High Moderate
Irish White Red/Yellow August-September 08 (Aug) 11 Low Light
Suqualus Red/Orange August-September 08 (Aug) 16 High Moderate
Okeho Red/Yellow Late September 09 (Sep) 15 Moderate Heavy
Q’illu Isañu Red/Yellow Early October 09 (Sep) 27 Moderate Moderate
Puca-añu Red/Red October-November 10 (Oct) 6 High Moderate
Lima Red/Orange November 10 (Oct) 19 High Moderate
Blanca Red/Orange November 10 (Oct) 21 High Heavy
Bloody Tears Red/Orange November 10 (Oct) 26 High Moderate
Bogota market Red/Orange November 10 (Oct) 28 High Moderate
Wild Mashua Red/Red November 10 (Oct) 28 High Moderate
Satsop Red/Yellow November 10 (Oct) 24 High Moderate
Hoh Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 2 High Heavy
Candy Cane Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 4 Moderate Low
Negra Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 4 Moderate Moderate
Ahahawat Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 5 Moderate Low
Dabop Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 5 High Moderate
Copalis Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 6 High Heavy
Lowhum Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 7 Moderate Moderate
Chockalilum Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 8 Moderate Moderate
Orange Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 13 High Moderate
Sapu-añu Red/Orange November 11 (Nov) 13 High Moderate

* If planted by early February, Ken Aslet can also flower in spring.

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