Potatoes: Potato flowers (Part 2)

The stats for my first post of potato flower pictures showed a lot of people doing web searches for potato flowers.  So, by indirect but popular demand, I bring you part two.  There are also some general updates about our potato season toward the bottom.

Black Irish potato flowers
Azul Toro potato flowers
Maris Piper potato flowers
Unidentified diploid potato flowers
Numbered diploid potato flowers
Flowers on one of this year’s TPS seedlings
Flower on one of this year’s TPS seedlings
Cluster of flowers on the same plant as above
Potato berries are forming now.
Next year our potatoes should be much more diverse, due to the large number of new potatoes
that we grew from both seed and tubers this year.
This is the center potato bed.
Most of the plants in this bed are unique – three plants of the same variety at most.
The back potato bed.
Most of our conventional varieties are in this bed.
The late bed.
This is where we put the potatoes that were slow to grow out from seed.
The youngest of the potatoes.
These germinated unexpectedly in a flat of seeds that I thought we were done with.
We might get only small seed tubers from these this year.
A look at the whole mess.
80% of the planted area is potatoes.  There are some rows of oca at the far end.

True potato seeds and seed-grown tubers are sometimes available in our seed shop.

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