Oca: Flower forms

I use the descriptors established by the International Institute of Phytogenetic Resources for the oca (Oxalis tuberosa) profiles on this site.  They define three flower forms: round, starlike, and pentagonal.  Here is what each of them looks like:

Round is defined as 75% or greater overlap of the petals.

Round oca flower

Starlike is defined as >50% to <75% overlap of the petals.

Starlike oca flower

Pentagonal is defined as 25 to 30% overlap of the petals.

Pentagonal oca flower

If it seems strange to you that there are undefined gaps between 30 and 50% and between 0 and 25%, join the club.  Maybe those degrees of overlap just don’t occur.

Those are all pretty straightforward, but sometimes they make classification difficult.  The following picture shows a six-petaled oca flower.  I have also seen flowers with seven petals.  Some varieties produce frequent double flowers as well.

This is apparently hexagonal.
Most appropriately, it is just a variant of the pentagonal type, I suppose.

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