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Solanum chomatophilum

Common Name(s)Amaa papa, Pishgo papa
Solanum chomatophilum plant
Solanum chomatophilum plant
SynonymsS. huarochiriense, S. jalcae, S. pascoense, S. taulisense
PloidyDiploid (2x)
Tuberization PhotoperiodShort day
Self-compatibleNo (Lester 1991)
Cytoplasm TypeW (Hosaka 2009)
Bitter: Abh. Naturwiss. Vereine Bremen 25: 246. 1924.


Solanum chomatophilum distribution map
Solanum chomatophilum distribution map

S. chomatophilum (chomatophilum probably means something like “bank loving”) is found from southern Ecuador south through most of Peru.  It is one of the most widely distributed and variable wild species in Peru.  Its natural habitat is slopes, thickets, woods, and ravines at 8,200 to 13,500 feet (2500 to 4100 m) (Correll 1962).

Plants 1 to 3 feet tall.  Various forms, some rosette-like, others erect.  Very long stolons, from three to almost five feet, sometimes becoming woody.  Tubers very small, less than an inch in diameter and moniliform (like beads on a string).  Flowers purple to violet.  Berries long and narrow.


Hijmans (2003) found that at least some accessions of this species were frost resistant down to 23 degrees F (-5 C).

ConditionTypeLevel of ResistanceSource
AphidsInvertebrateSomewhat resistantPompon (2010), Machida-Hirano (2015)
AphidsInvertebrateNot resistant to ResistantPompon 2011
Colorado Potato BeetleInvertebrateResistantPelletier (2007)
FrostAbioticResistantMachida-Hirano (2015)

Glykoalkaloid content


Solanum chomatophilum plant
Solanum chomatophilum plant
Solanum chomatophilum plant
Solanum chomatophilum plant
Solanum chomatophilum flower
Solanum chomatophilum flower
Flower of the wild potato species Solanum chomatophilum
Solanum chomatophilum flower
Flower of the wild potato species Solanum chomatophilum
Solanum chomatophilum flower
Berries of the wild potato species Solanum chomatophilum
Solanum chomatophilum berries
Berries of the wild potato species Solanum chomatophilum
Solanum chomatophilum berries


Chen (1976) found that this species reaches its maximum frost resistance (about 17 degrees F, -8.3 C) following a three week period of shortening photoperiod and reducing day and night temperatures.


Crosses with S. tuberosum

Watanabe (1991) found that 4.3% of varieties of this species produced 2n pollen, which would be effectively tetraploid and probably 4EBN.

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetGermPloidySource
S. chomatophilumS. tuberosum 2x
HighLow  Ochoa (2004)
S. chomatophilumS. tuberosum 4xNoneNone  Jackson (1999)
S. tuberosum 2x
S. chomatophilumModerateLow  Ochoa (2004)
S. tuberosum 4xS. chomatophilumLowMinimal  Jackson (1999)

Crosses with other species

Jackson (1999) found 3-11% 2n pollen for varieties of this species.

FemaleMaleBerry Set
Seed SetGermPloidySource
S. acauleS. chomatophilumHighHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. albicansS. chomatophilumModerateLow  Ochoa (2004) 

S. candolleanum

(as S. bukasovii)

S. chomatophilumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. cantenseS. chomatophilumNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chiquidenumS. chomatophilumModerateLow  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. acauleHighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. albicansHighLow  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. blanco-galdosiiLowHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilum

S. boliviense

(as S. megistacrolobum)

HighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilum

S. candolleanum

(as S. bukasovii)

HighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. cantenseLowModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. chiquidenumModerateLow  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilum

S. colombianum

(as S. jaenense)

LowLow  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. contumazaenseLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. dolichocremastrumModerateHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. huancabambenseNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. humectophilumModerateHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. hypacrarthrumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. immiteModerateHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. laxissimumModerateHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. lignicauleModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. limbanienseLowHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. mochiquenseHighHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. multiinterruptumHighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. paucissectumLowLow  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. peloquinianumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. piuraeModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. raphanifoliumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. raquialatumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. rhomboideilanceolatumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. simplicissimumHighNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. sogarandinumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. chomatophilumS. wittmackiiNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 

S. colombianum

(as S. jaenense)

S. chomatophilumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004)
S. contumazaenseS. chomatophilumNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. dolichocremastrumS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. huancabambenseS. chomatophilumHighHigh  Ochoa (2004) 
S. humectophilumS. chomatophilumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. hypacrarthrumS. chomatophilumNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. immiteS. chomatophilumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. laxissimumS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. lignicauleS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. limbanienseS. chomatophilumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. mochiquenseS. chomatophilumNoneNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. multiinterruptumS. chomatophilumHighNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. paucissectumS. chomatophilumHighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. peloquinianumS. chomatophilumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. piuraeS. chomatophilumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. raphanifoliumS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. raquialatumS. chomatophilumModerateModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. rhomboideilanceolatumS. chomatophilumHighModerate  Ochoa (2004) 
S. simplicissimumS. chomatophilumModerateNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. sogarandinumS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 
S. wittmackiiS. chomatophilumLowNone  Ochoa (2004) 


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