Podcast #2: Curzio Caravati and the Kenosha Potato Project

In this episode of the Cultivariable podcast, I talk with Curzio Caravati of the Kenosha Potato Project and Kenosha Urban Farm Institute about collecting potatoes, growing potatoes in an urban farm environment, and growing potatoes from true potato seeds (TPS).  Along the way, we discuss farmers markets, how potatoes can be classified by their agronomic and edible characteristics, working with the USDA Potato Introduction Station at Sturgeon Bay, how basketball hoops are like growing bags, the similarities between plant breeding and honeybee breeding, and why you should eat more dirt.  Some of the potato varieties that are mentioned include White Peachblow, Raudar Islenskar, Bintje, and Blue Victor.

Unfortunately, this episode was a particular challenge to edit.  We had some audio quality problems with the recording and there were parts that I just couldn’t salvage, creating some odd jumps.  Hopefully, I will get better at this as I gain more experience.

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Seed Savers Exchange

Curzio in his orchard
Curzio and Tom Wagner showing a variety with very long vines
The growing bags that Curzio uses for potatoes
White Peachblow, a variety from the 1800s that Curzio helped the Seed Savers Exchange to identify in their collection
Blue Victor, a variety that Curzio favors for his TPS work
Blue Victor berries
Varieties grown from Blue Victor TPS
Varieties grown from Blue Victor TPS

9 thoughts on “Podcast #2: Curzio Caravati and the Kenosha Potato Project

  1. Tom Wagner says:

    I think these podcasts are great! I have met Nathan, Curzio and Bill in person! I am looking forward to joining the podcast series real soon
    Tom Wagner – TaterMater


    I’ve finally been able to listen again to the whole podcast. I apologize to you all for my occasional rambling!
    I have so much to share, and thoughts keep intertwining.
    Nevertheless I love how the interview ends: POTATO is healthy food for you!
    I missed to mention my hashtag focusing on preventing Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia #NO_CDD
    Use it when you find evidence that eating potato prevents cancer, diabetes and dementia!

    • bill says:

      Thanks for coming on, Curzio! In this format, any rambling is more likely the fault of the editor than the speaker, but I kept everything that I thought was interesting and that had acceptable audio.

  3. Jane Hunter says:

    I have now listened all the way through. Curzio has so much to offer and is making such a contribution to a better environment for everyone. I would second the recommendation for the film ‘More Than Honey’.

  4. Sam Jones says:

    Great to hear the podcast. I wonder who will be next in line . A group member in Zimbabwe , Kenya , Southern England? Excellent stuff Bill and Curzio .

  5. Walt says:

    Thanks to you both for sharing all this information! This year I started TPS and yacon seed that I ordered from Bill and it has been really exciting so far. I’ve got about 14 yacon seedlings and 60 or so potato seedlings that I’m growing out. Can’t wait to see what they turn into. Keep up the great work and thanks again Bill for producing this podcast series!

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