Podcast #5: Q&A

In this episode of the Cultivariable podcast, I answer listener questions:

  • 00:57 Which tuber crops are best for permaculture?
  • 05:14 Are there any tuber crops that fix nitrogen?
  • 08:35 Might arracacha be a dynamic accumulator?
  • 10:35 Can you explain the process that you use for collecting plants from the wild?
  • 14:35 Why should all gardeners also be plant breeders?
  • 16:58 How could GMOs make all plants sterile?
  • 21:11 Can you explain how GMOs lead to super weeds?
  • 23:37 Can you pronounce the scientific names of the Andean crops?
  • 25:46 What happened to your rhubarb information?
  • 27:20 Do you select for vertical or horizontal resistance in potatoes?
  • 32:01 Can you explain the relationship between guard cells and chromosomes?
  • 39:59 What kind of microscope do you recommend?
  • 43:16 Do you have tips on how to be a profitable freelance plant breeder?
  • 50:23 About naming unnamed breeding lines.
  • 52:18 What is your method for tagging and tracking plants?
  • 55:23 Details about oca pollination.
  • 59:22 What is the potential for yampah as a food crop?
  • 1:03:55 Can you explain the process of selecting for palatability from bitter potato crosses?
  • 1:07:33 How do you identify and reduce disease in potato and other tuber crops?
  • 1:14:15 How much hope is there for reducing day length sensitivity in Andean crops?
  • 1:18:36 How do I decide which of the new ulluco varieties to try?
  • 1:23:10 Overview of farming practices.

If you would like to have your questions answered in a future episode, just send them to podcast@cultivariable.com.

3 thoughts on “Podcast #5: Q&A

  1. ohmite408 says:

    Hey can you do a podcast about Mauka and I want to ask you that if you think Mirabilis expansa could cross with Mirabilis jalapa?

  2. Nevada says:

    Thanks for the podcast! Can you point me towards the links you mentioned on identifying/recognizing different diseases in potatoes?

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