Podcast #7: Doug Strong of Windmill Hill Farm

In this episode of the Cultivariable podcast, I talk with potato breeder Doug Strong.  Doug specializes in breeding diploid potatoes and has produced a bunch of really interesting varieties that are well known by Andean potato enthusiasts, such as Big Dog, Black Hornet, Yellow Dog, and Strawberry Timepiece.

Due to background noise, I had to chop this recording up a little more than usual and some cuts forced me to rearrange sections so that they would make more sense.  In a few places, this leads to weird transitions like asking questions that have just been answered.  I did my best to keep as much as possible.

You can follow Doug’s work at the Kenosha Potato Project on Facebook:

Doug Strong @ Kenosha Potato Project


One thought on “Podcast #7: Doug Strong of Windmill Hill Farm

  1. Rowan none says:

    As far as berries setting in the heat. My diploids flower and set heaps of berries in high heat. Tetraploids tend to be a bit later when the main heat has passed.

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