Potatoes: New varieties coming up

As I have written previously, I have expanded my interest in potato breeding significantly over the past couple of years.  This year, I had the opportunity to buy a number of uncommon varieties, many of which originated in Tom Wagner‘s breeding program, or as seed bank accessions.
These were planted more than a month after our traditional potato varieties, as I took the time to culture them all in my little lab so that I can multiply the varieties that I like over the winter.
No tubers yet; consider this a preview.  There are many different leaf types and growth habits among these varieties.  Some varieties will make good tubers for eating, while others will have more value as breeding partners.
These tubers were supplied by Doug at Windmill Hill Farms.
Skagit Series #1 (Tom Wagner)
No details

Skagit Plenty (Tom Wagner)
Should be yellow skin / yellow flesh; 2n=4x

Aggie Gold
No details

DG-D8 330
“Polish late blight breeding stock” according to GRIN

Kern Brot (Tom Wagner)
Should be red skin, yellow flesh; 2n=4x

Pink Fir Apple
Pink skin, white flesh fingerling; 2n=4x

Thunderation (Tom Wagner)
Should be round, yellow flesh;  2n=4x

Guincho Negra
Should be blue skin, blue flesh; 2n=4x

PI 320371

Sarpo Auxona
Should be pink skin, white flesh, blight resistant

Negima (Tom Wagner)
Should be blue skin, blue flesh; 2n=4x

PI 320370

Skagit Valley Gold (Tom Wagner)
Should be yellow skin, yellow flesh; 2n=2x

Azul Toro (Tom Wagner)
Should be blue skin, blue flesh; 2n=4x

Azule Rose (Tom Wagner)
Should be blue skin, blue flesh; 2n=4x

Golden Grenade
No details

Thundercloud (Tom Wagner)
No details

PI 225703

Skagit Series #3 (Tom Wagner)
No details

Skagit Series #2 (Tom Wagner)
No details

PI 473271

True potato seeds and seed-grown tubers are sometimes available in our seed shop.

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