Oca: Piling up the pods

I have a confession to make.  I no longer rush out every morning to scan the oca (Oxalis tuberosa) patch for pods.  In fact, I often let a week go by without looking at them.  What a difference a couple of months makes!  Back in July, I was checking them twice a day, pollinating by hand, bagging pods, fretting about losing them to wind and rain.

That level of effort started to wane after a couple of thousand seeds.  Now, I do most of my crosses indoors with cuttings and tend to ignore all of the open pollinated pods in the oca patch.  Occasionally, I go collect the pods that are pointing skyward and leave them in a plastic tub to dry and disgorge their contents.

I did that this afternoon:

That is probably between 100-200 oca pods which, by the averages, will yield abut 1000 seeds.  This is really the low effort way to oca seeds.  I really want known crosses as much as possible for my projects, so these will be destined for other oca growers.

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